Patriotic Infused Worship

The commentary shared can be seen as audacious but if you really read the words and heart behind what he is saying you can’t really argue it. It by no means lessens the sacrifice individuals have made to protect their countries but it does open the discussion that the church is a place without geographical boundaries. Why do we act as if to being a Christian means to be a patriot for America and nowhere else?

We do this without even realizing it. We do it when we become missionaries and try to force other cultures to “do church” the way the Americans do it. To sing American worship songs. To read bibles in English. I could go on but I won’t.

Sam Dowty

I am a part of a few online collectives of worship leaders and tech directors through Facebook and other social media.  These groups are there to ask questions of each other and challenge each other for the purpose of spiritual growth.  Recently a question was asked about utilizing patriotic music and themes within the context of a worship service.  For myself this is a issue that hits very close to home with the things I have been struggling with recently.  Before I get into the meat of this issue I do want to give a bit of a disclaimer.  In no way am I trying to demean the sacrifice of those who died for the purpose of protecting those whom they loved.  I am simply trying to relate our patriotic thought with our kingdom work and how they could or should intertwine.

For myself, I have always struggled seeing an…

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