Hi, I’m Carly, and I look forward to connecting with you.

As you hang out here, you’ll learn that I spend my time

writing (blog posts and music),

learning (avid reader and currently a Communications & Org Leadership grad student),

and discovering beauty in obvious places (my backyard garden and local beach are always calling my name)

After spending the past decade working with local churches and non-profits, I’ve learned the value of clear and compelling communication.

Whether it’s through spoken words, music, written copy, or digital images, clear storytelling has the power to ignite action from the receiver

Clear storytelling has the power to ignite action from the receiver.

Too many non-profits and small businesses are struggling to get their message to their audience.

But, sharing your story with your audience doesn’t have to be frustrating.

I’ve learned how to transfer my experience building non-profits to assisting small business owners, churches, and organizations with a strategy that feels natural and unique to you and your needs.

Ready for your audience to finally hear your messaging?↓

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