Wooden Wine Holder {after}

If you haven’t been hanging around here, you may not have seen my post about my awesome craigslist find; a wooden wall hanging wine holder (at least that’s what I would turn it in to). You can check out the first post here.


Here’s a pic to remind you of what this beauty looked like when it was all covered up in some latex paint that would clash with my walls. My plan for my dining room is a “vintage with modern” kind of thing. I know it doesn’t make any sense yet…I’m just not a huge fan of the term shabby chic, so when I make up my own I’ll fill you in.

can you tell they loved it?

So after a long quick trip to my local hardware store with kiddies in tow, I had all of the materials I would need to transform this piece into something that is going to work in our home, and make me smile each time I use it.


The first thing we did was removed the hooks that were on the bottom front of the piece. Next, we used a paint & poly remover. Hubsters used a paint brush to get a a nice thick coat all over the paint we would remove. After waiting about 20 minutes and then realizing we should add some more remover and wait another 20 minutes, we scraped off all of the latex paint. After the paint was gone, we sanded the piece and wiped away all of the remnants of dust and clumpy latex paint.

I bought a bombay mahogany wood stain  for the two front pieces. Can I tell you how much I LOVED staining these areas??? I don’t really know why, but I kind of want to stain everything I own now…uh oh. So after the first coat of stain, it was just too red. I loved seeing the wood through it, but the red would end up bothering me every time I looked at it, so a second coat of stain is what happened next.

one coat of stain
one coat of stain

After the stain dried, I used a white oil based paint to put a light coat of white paint on the remaining areas. I’m really liking the two tone trend right now but wanted the white to be as far from perfect as possible. So while painting I made sure to just do a light coat, covering everything but not getting into the grooves and imperfections of the wood. I had planned on distressing the white paint, but after painting the first coat I realized I didn’t really need to.

The last touch which I am so psyched about is a glass rack we added to the bottom. We found an “under-the-cabinet” glass rack that fit perfectly for under $3! We placed it on the bottom to allow for more glass storage. Did I mention that I am totally and completely psyched about this!!

So here is how it looks hanging in my dining room…


Does it look a little sad? Let’s see it stocked up….

phontoI’m loving my new little wine station! I think perhaps I should have a girls night soon to test it out…

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