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From Passion to Profession: The Evolution of Carly Voinski’s Career in Communication and Leadership

Hi. My name is Carly Voinski, and I’m a talker. As a child, my report cards noted my inclination to talk more than I sat. I was reprimanded more than once for asking too many questions. And I naturally desired to write, sing, act, and share myself with an audience. Whether nature or nurture led me down this path, I have always loved sharing ideas and communicating a message.

The journey that led me to a graduate program in Communication & Leadership was not typical. I began college immediately after high school. However, I did not finish until years later. Instead, I embarked on a decade-long adventure working for non-denominational Christian churches. 

A Decade in Non-Profit

In typical non-profit fashion, staff members filled a variety of roles. My responsibilities included a generous mix of public speaking, team leadership, strategic relationship building, content writing, event production, and creative design. I loved it.

I did not know it then, but those ten years I spent in local churches gave me diverse experiences I would not have had in corporate settings.

I learned how to transmit compelling messages to multigenerational audiences. I had fun exploring how social media was advancing and successfully advocating for its inclusion. I discovered how to implement and communicate change to longstanding communities. And I learned how to lead teams through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

A Smooth Transition

And then March 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on everyone. I like to call my mark a ‘bold work transition.’

I stepped out of my position at the local church and into an organization that serves leaders worldwide.

I head the Podcast and Social Media departments at this organization while also managing our strategic partnerships. Since taking on these roles, I’ve increased our social media reach and engagement on all channels. With the new strategy I implemented, our Youtube views and revenue continue to grow. And I am hosting and leading the project management of our first live event.

The podcast I produce has over 28 million downloads. The podcast network I oversee is home to ten podcasts, each with a unique audience. And the strategic partnership relationships I manage are what make each episode possible.

From Passion to Profession

Reflecting on these roles I’ve passionately enjoyed, I realized they all had one thing in common. In each role, I led by creatively sharing ideas and communicating a message.

Even as a waitress in high school, I would eagerly write descriptions for IHOP’s breakfast special of the day. I couldn’t help myself.

This moment of self-discovery led me to a graduate program at Gonzaga University. I had a great longing to continue my education. I desired to combine my natural leanings and experience with what I studied. The unique program at Gonzaga was a perfect fit.

The Evolution Continues…

What does my future hold? If there’s one thing I know for sure, I can make plans for my future and watch them blow in the wind. While I may not know exactly where my love for sharing ideas and messages may take me, I look forward to the journey. 

Life is a complex network of humans labeled talkers by their teachers and too shy by their parents. Messaging passed down through families and shared among neighbors has built the cultures that make us who we are. And we have all experienced how the way in which we share ideas and information can change several times throughout our lives.

Though my past experiences and current work have led me to study communication more deeply, the unknown future sparks my desire to be a communication scholar.


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