Bulletproof Coffee TWO WAYS

What is bulletproof coffee? What is butter coffee? They’re the same thing! Butter coffee has been floating around now for some time with people both in the ketogenic lifestyle and outside of the lifestyle because the benefits from drinking a bulletproof coffee are for EVERYONE! It really doesn’t matter what your typical way of eating is.

Benefits of drinking a bulletproof coffee? Fat loss, creation of natural ketones, ENERGY, and appetite suppression. Personally, I drink a BPC every morning as my breakfast. There are days when I’m carb heavy and days when I’m strict keto, both days I include my bulletproof coffee!

I have two typical ways of making this great concoction in the morning. One includes a blender and the other includes a shaker bottle. The video below has instructions and shows how tos for BOTH WAYS!

Old School Method

In my Ninja Blender I blend 10 oz of Coffee, 1 TB Kerrygold Butter, 1 TB Coconut Oil, Salt and Cinnamon. I blender for a few seconds until I notice some froth in the blender. I pout into my favorite coffee mug and drink!

This version needs to be finished pretty quickly because if you allow it to sit, the butter will start to harden again. Sometimes I include a pinch of cinnamon on top as well.

New School Method

In my Blenderbottle, or Shaker Bottle, I put in 10 oz of Coffee and 1 Packet of Keto Kreme. I shake it up for a few seconds and pour into one of my many favorite mugs. Then, I drink!

This version can last longer as it doesn’t harder as it sits. My experience has been that the froth lasts longer in this version as well.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

When following a Ketogenic WOE (way of eating) you really need to get those fats in. So when we need a little fat bump and we’re craving something sweet what can we have? Sweet Fat Bombs! Here’s my favorite and “go-to” fat bomb recipe. I keep these in the freezer and sometimes even put a scoop of Almond Butter right on top of it.

How to make no bake chocolate peanut butter fat bombs!

4 TBS Coconut Oil
4 TBS Grassfed Butter
8 TBS Peanut Butter
6 TSP Cocoa Powder
4 Packets of Stevia *I’ve changed this since filming the video*
2 TSP Vanilla Extract
3 TBS Cream Cheese

Mix together and microwave until all items are melted.
Distribute evenly in a cupcake tin.
Freeze for 1 hour.

Servings: 12
Per Serving-
Fat: 14.68g
Protein: 3g
Net Carbs: 2.68