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It’s Bayside’s first ever LOVE Week and today was my turn to jump in. What’s LOVE Week? It’s a week where my church is committing time to serving our community in lieu of meeting for groups, watching TV, or whatever else it is we all spend our extra time doing. The service is purely to demonstrate love for nothing in return.

We can love because He first loved us.

Today a group of us headed towards the High School and passed out waters and snacks to the cars leaving at dismissal while they sat in traffic after a day of standardized testing. My kiddies joined us and it was incredible to see the youngest ones eager to jump in and show some love to the teenagers. Turns out after passing out our goodies the high school kids turned to snapchat to document that they were loved!

Pictures from the day will show you that even some of the buses got involved. Pretty sure there’s a lacrosse team somewhere with a whole variety box of chips, good luck girls!


Labor Can Be Fun!


Raise your hand if the word labor seems like fun to you! No? Ok, how about rewarding? Fulfilling? Life-changing? Exciting? Can I convince you that it’s all of those things?

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A Full Well

A Full Well

I was reading through Genesis not long ago when a co-worker (reminder: I work at a church so many of my co-workers are pastors), Pastor Joe, came into my office as I had my bible open and had just finished the last line in chapter 21. He asked what I had been reading about and I started to cry. I cried because of verse 8-20.

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Worship; Here, There, & Everywhere

Blog- Here ThereAn “aha moment” as Oprah has so called it….that’s what I had. A couple months ago I attended Sunday evening chapel at America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ. This place is something that I have taken for granted. The mission of this place in the middle of nowhere on a lake, to the outsider a summer camp, is to reach men who are struggling with addiction. While they do hold conferences and miscellaneous Christian events, the heart of America’s Keswick is for these men who are stuck in their substance addiction. 

Their chapel is actually more in the middle of nowhere than their main campus is…Jon and I got lost. Once we found it though, we found a tiny white church with one room, a dirt parking lot, wooden pews, hymnals, and the friendliest people I’ve been around in awhile. The people that filled the pews seemed to be a mix of regular congregants, men going through the addiction program, their families and friends, and staff members. We were all gathered there for different reasons, yet still acknowledging each other as brothers and sisters of the same faith. The pastor stood up, asked us to grab our hymnals and directed us to a page number.

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Bayside Worship CD- GIVEAWAY

I am so excited to share this post with you!

A year ago Bayside Worship, the worship team at Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, NJ began the process of recording our very first CD. 

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