How to Use the Carb Manager App

Are you on a ketogenic or low carb way of eating? How do you track your MACROS? It’s a common questions. Your MACROS are your proteins, carbs, and fats. To become fat adapted and successfully in ketosis it’s super important that we intake the proper ratios of these elements. If using exogenous ketones, this won’t be as necessary, but either way, tracking your food is needed. So what app should you use? I’ve tried several and the Carb Manager one seems to be the most intuitive and helpful for this way of eating.

However, using the Carb Manager App can be confusing if you don’t have your settings correct. When the settings are correct, the app can be a wonderful tool in whatever meal plan you are following, ketogenic, low carb, low calorie, weight watchers, etc. In this video I explain how to set up your app correctly for your personal goals.

As of the time of this post, this video is RANKED #1 on youtube when searching “Carb Manager”…. THANK YOU!

Best of 2018 // Keto Version

Who doesn’t love a great BEST OF video? Why not do it for those of us who spent 2018 living the ketogenic lifestyle and for those of us who are heading on to that journey in 2019!

This video includes all my “best of” including tools, supplements, workouts, etc. What were the best items for you this year? Do you have recipes that just knocked if out of the park for you? Share share share!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

When following a Ketogenic WOE (way of eating) you really need to get those fats in. So when we need a little fat bump and we’re craving something sweet what can we have? Sweet Fat Bombs! Here’s my favorite and “go-to” fat bomb recipe. I keep these in the freezer and sometimes even put a scoop of Almond Butter right on top of it.

How to make no bake chocolate peanut butter fat bombs!

4 TBS Coconut Oil
4 TBS Grassfed Butter
8 TBS Peanut Butter
6 TSP Cocoa Powder
4 Packets of Stevia *I’ve changed this since filming the video*
2 TSP Vanilla Extract
3 TBS Cream Cheese

Mix together and microwave until all items are melted.
Distribute evenly in a cupcake tin.
Freeze for 1 hour.

Servings: 12
Per Serving-
Fat: 14.68g
Protein: 3g
Net Carbs: 2.68