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4 Reasons Your Team is Quiet Quitting (and What To Do About It) This piece was written for The post aims to educate and provide practical value for team leaders.

Transmedia Storytelling

Using a prompt that describes the need for evacuation due to a zombie invasion, creative posts were crafted to share messaging across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

A macbook, over the ear headphones, and camera on a table.

Social Media

Take a look at samples from social media accounts I have directed, created content for, and/or built from the ground up. 12 years of SM Management experience has taught me to embrace change.

Content Writing

From Passion to Profession: The Evolution of Carly Voinski’s Career in Communication and Leadership This piece was originally written for Gonzaga University and has been adapted.

carly voinski standing in front of a large waterfall in NJ with her arms raised high


Muted Group Theory: Women in the Christian Church This case study was originally researched and presented for Gonzaga University’s Communication and Leadership program.

A woman is sitting while a man stands behind her and puts his hand over her mouth.

Project lead

FREE GAS! In 2017 and 2019, I led and directed a large group of volunteers and staff in an event that gave away $7k of gasoline to community residents. The event built trust and brand identity.

a group of volunteers in front of a white brick wall at a gas station in toms river, nj



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