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Carly is a worship leader in Toms River, NJ. Born and raised on the East Coast, she has a passion to engage the worship culture in New Jersey. Carly has studied Church Ministries at Liberty University and was vocally trained in her home state of NJ. She is a content contributor at The Church Collective writing primarily under the topics of leadership and team building.


At this point she can be summed up by her addictions; her husband, her kids, the local church, coffee, and instagram.

Recently, she and her family have joined the Core Team of a church plant launching in Toms River, NJ in early 2017. She thinks Jersey pizza is a cure for most things, really enjoys a good boy band medley and spends way too much time on snapchat.



To Contact Carly:



3 thoughts on “About

  1. shayna79 says:

    Oh do I so relate, with 3 kids and full time job! Oh and I see Yankee shirts…my 3 year old son’s name is Mattingly. (After Don Mattingly, my husband is a huge Yankee fan 🙂


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