Julie & Julia Didn’t Have Any Kids

Julie-Julia-Meryl-streep-Amy-Adams-google.-comAbout two weeks ago my husband and I sat down to watch Julie & Julia. This is the movie based on a true story of an aspiring writer who challenges herself to finish every recipe in the Julia Child cook book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. While doing so she keeps a blog to journal her experience. Then, we also see Julia Child in France. We see her fall in love with cooking and we see her master the skills she later shared.

After watching the movie I became inspired. Being a “wanna be foodie” I thought “I need to get this book that taught american women how to cook.” So after ordering the book on barnes & noble and waiting the 36 hours it took to ship, I had my book. I immediately started reading and browsing through techniques and recipes. After a good hour of reading in between diaper changes, making lunch, making bottles, being a human tissue, building a railway, and being the warden who placed each little inmate into their cell..I mean crib, I realized something.

Julie and Julia didn’t have any kids!

Of course Julie was able to accomplish her goal without a five month old demanding her attention. Julia did seem to want children, but never had any. ( I don’t know the exact reasons). Julia did however have plenty of time as a housewife with no children to attend cooking school and master her skills at home.

I love my children with every thing I have inside of me, I just hope they know that I can love them with chicken nuggets and spaghettios. Maybe one day I can put on my apron and cook like Julia or my new favorite Chef Novelli, for now I’ll just enjoy watching my son scarf down the cereal he wanted as dinner and the pancakes I’m able to make about every other Saturday.

[update 4.15.16: pancakes have yet to happen every other Saturday]


One response to “Julie & Julia Didn’t Have Any Kids”

  1. This post cracks me up! I never thought about the fact that neither of them had children…I’m sure your kids will grow up knowing there is just as much love in chicken nuggets as boeuf bourguignon! =)


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