God Threw It Right into My Dining Room

Today turned out to be one of those days where I learned throughout my entire day. This morning I heard someone say that when we (Christians) talk to someone who is down, feels like their failing, and drowning in life, we tend to give them a pep talk. You know things such as, “You can do it!” or “Put your mind to it and you can do anything!” I heard this person say that we need to tell them that no, they can’t overcome their obstacles, no you cannot do it all by yourself. We should be telling them that doing it on their own is impossible, but with Christ all things are possible.

My immediate thought was, “Yeah, ok, easier said then done. Who wants to sit across from someone and tell them that they’re failing and they can’t fix it?” God works in my life every day. Some days I don’t notice what He’s telling me, but today He threw it right into a seat at my dining room table.

I sat at my table and looked across to see a friend who was hurting, down, and who felt trapped. I actually did a nervous giggle when I realized what God did. Here I was in a situation where the easy way out was to tell someone, “Go for the goal! Be all you can be!” Instead, I put my big girl pants on and told my friend that no she couldn’t do it on her own, she needed her Saviour. We discussed how off track she had gotten and how there was a way out, but not directed by her, but by God alone. As awkward as the conversation may have been at first, I was able to walk away from my dining room knowing that what I said I said from love.

Today was a day when I was given the chance to live what I learned. Tomorrow I will be given another chance in another room of my house and I may fail big time, but tonight I pray that I may have ears to hear and eyes to see when God is throwing it right into my path.


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