5 Benefits of Keto That Have Zero to Do With Weight Loss

The ketogenic way of eating is popular because it works when looking to drop weight fast, I totally get that. Hey! I’ve been there! BUT there are so many other reasons why the popularity is growing and they have nothing to do with weight loss, but instead, overall health and lifestyle.


Watch me explain my fave benefits!

In the latest video I discuss my top 5 favorite benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle and they have zero to do with weight loss. In no particular order I discuss my desire to prevent heart disease and cancer, to improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and more. 

The list of benefits goes way beyond five. Have you tried a ketogenic diet? What benefits did you experience?

Creatives: Better Together?


Right in the middle of church planting, that’s where you find me. Just weeks away from launching a new church in Toms River, New Jersey. Along with everything else I’ve learned and experienced through this time I’ve noticed a lack of resources and conversation when it comes to creative meetings. While there are some amazing resources for the individual creative ( The Creative Pastor and CRTV Church are awesome), I’m referring specifically about Creative Teams and how they work. Whether in a business context or within the church, the idea of Creative Teams has been getting more traction lately. Let’s talk about it.

For our church a Creative Team is made up of individuals who meet as needed to go over BIG PICTURE ideas, not the nitty gritty details. We hear what the Pastor will be preaching on and spend some time thinking about the overall theme, how we can create a series around the major theme, the visual artwork that accompanies it, and one major wow moment that will happen in that series. If someone can’t remember exactly what the Pastor said, but they can remember one “wow” experience, use that to jog their memory.

Who is on the team?

Lead Pastor, Worship & Weekend Experience Leader, Communications Leader (also happens to be our Production Leader), and two church volunteers. One of the church volunteers is a constant team member, the other spot we rotate out each meeting and add someone different. Find people who aren’t afraid to share ideas and who aren’t easily offended when their idea isn’t used.

When does the team meet?

We are trying to be a season ahead of schedule. For example, we met in January to discuss Easter and a sermon series happening in May. Each major holiday gets its own meeting and so does each series. Based on this concept, you only need to meet as many times as your Pastor changes his series. For some churches it could be 5-6 times a year, for others more like 9-10.

Why a Creative Team?

This part can get real personal to each church or organization. Acknowledging that each place is different I will move on to some basic reasons that I think can relate to everyone.

  1. Visuals: Seriously. Each day our communication is done more through pictures and emojis than we probably realize. If a post doesn’t have a picture attached to it, does anyone read it? I don’t know but it’s worth thinking about. We share images to reflect how we are feeling, what we are experiencing, and of course what we’re eating. Taking some time to think about the artwork that may accompany your teaching is time not wasted.
  2. Stories: Stories help us learn and remember. Throughout the Bible we see parables and sharing of stories to help the people listening really understand what Jesus was trying to teach them. When working on a Creative Team you are helping to ultimately create a story with the goal that your church will leave not only remembering what it is they learned, but be able to apply it to their lives and share it with others.
  3. God: He is the ultimate Creator. God created everything…. everything. It’s in His nature to create, to allow new things to bloom and to remove things that are no longer needed. He could have chosen to leave everything one way, never having them change, but He didn’t.
  4. Fun: Church should be fun.


Have you tried Creative Teams at your church or organization? How’d it go? Can you do this without a team? Who is on your team? Share in the comments.

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Technological Love… Pulling the Emotion out of Dating and Swiping Life Away

I never experienced the online dating life. I missed it. At 21 I became a wife and a mother, so while I experienced a brand new type of life many of my peers have spent years figuring out how to date when the days of actually making real conversation with a person in front of you is a lost art. Alex puts a great perspective on this issue in his new post. Check it out and let me know, how’s it going for you?

No longer active

I’m going to take a brave leap here… This one’s for my “bees” …my “flames”….. My “minglers” …my “harmonizers” the people who have given the online dating world a shot, and just can’t find what they think they’re looking for …. I think I can write to this because recently in my life there are a lot of people who have come out of the woodwork feeling like they are in the same situation I have been in. The truth is… I’m exhausted. I don’t want to date. I don’t care to partake in the meaningless sweet nothings shared back and forth for a few minutes before I’m on to the next one. What I’m trying to say is the arthritis in my tinder finger is really getting to me… That last part was a total joke. Honestly, I will be the first to tell you that lately, the one…

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I found my NEW Normal and it is a moving target…….

Check out this new blog site from Lynn! Her story is real, authentic, and encouraging.

Resume Of A Mother


Normal…..this is one thing that many people strive to be….then some of us like to say that we like to be a little different. I am sure you heard the term growing up….”that is not normal”. So who defines “normal”? Somewhere along the way “normal” was defined as we were growing up and this is probably the pattern of life that you thought you would be following. I never knew what it would mean to have to find a new normal for my life. I grew up in a family of five and the most challenging thing growing up with 2 sisters was waiting in line for the bathroom. Life growing up seemed very normal for me.

We had families who lived down the street that we would say as kids…..” that is the family that is not normal”. I have no idea really why we said that other than…

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Patriotic Infused Worship

The commentary shared can be seen as audacious but if you really read the words and heart behind what he is saying you can’t really argue it. It by no means lessens the sacrifice individuals have made to protect their countries but it does open the discussion that the church is a place without geographical boundaries. Why do we act as if to being a Christian means to be a patriot for America and nowhere else?

We do this without even realizing it. We do it when we become missionaries and try to force other cultures to “do church” the way the Americans do it. To sing American worship songs. To read bibles in English. I could go on but I won’t.

Sam Dowty

I am a part of a few online collectives of worship leaders and tech directors through Facebook and other social media.  These groups are there to ask questions of each other and challenge each other for the purpose of spiritual growth.  Recently a question was asked about utilizing patriotic music and themes within the context of a worship service.  For myself this is a issue that hits very close to home with the things I have been struggling with recently.  Before I get into the meat of this issue I do want to give a bit of a disclaimer.  In no way am I trying to demean the sacrifice of those who died for the purpose of protecting those whom they loved.  I am simply trying to relate our patriotic thought with our kingdom work and how they could or should intertwine.

For myself, I have always struggled seeing an…

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