Sunday mornings arrive and people all over the world stand and begin to lead others in worship, and church-goers will stand because that’s “what you do” . Some lead with their voices, others with their guitars, pianos, or yes even organs. No matter the instrument or style of music, it’s those who are leading with their hearts, in response to who God is, that lead worship effectively and honestly.

Worship is our response to who God is, because if you truly know Him, that’s your heart, that’s your response; to give God all the glory, to shout that He is worthy of every ounce of praise and worth you may have in your brain down to the tips of your toes. We all worship differently. It doesn’t have to be through singing or raising hands. Worship can be silent. Worship can be art. Worship can be professed. Worship can be up on your feet. Worship can be face down in the carpet.

At heart, I am a worshiper. The part that matters is what or who I choose to worship. I choose to worship the one who saved me. The one who showed me what true love is by sacrificing himself for me, Jesus. 

God has called me to an awesome place in His ministry. Being a part of a group that leads worship for the local church is a privilege and I acknowledge that it is by God’s will alone that we have been used to connect people with their purpose– to glorify and worship the one and only God.

2 responses to “Worship=Response”

  1. Beautifully said Carly…your heart shows as you lead worship…and it leads us into His presence in such a beautiful way. Thank you


  2. Well done my friend! Doesn’t matter how you worship, the bigger question is WHO!

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