Who’s Ready to Burn Some Lights?

I love music, I love singing, I love worship, but I am not the kind of person to go out of my way to find tickets, get a babysitter, re-arrange my day…all for a concert. I would just rather stay home, go about my business, and listen on my iHome when I feel like it.

So when one of my fellow worship leaders told us all that he was able to get a whole bunch of tickets to Chris Tomlin‘s Burning Lights tour with Kari Jobe & Louie Giglio, my interest was piqued but not by much. It wasn’t until a couple months later, as the concert grew closer, with everyone from the worship team attending, in conjunction with a great blessing, that I was able to make the decision, that yes I will find a babysitter, re-arrange my day, and go to MSG for the first time EVER.

Has God ever smacked you upside the head before? He’s done it to me a few times and last night was one of them. I cannot believe I almost went out of my way to not be there! Kari Jobe and Chris Tomlin did a great job of leading the thousands of people in attendance in worship, and Louie Giglio gave one of the best, if not the best, gospel messages I have ever heard (I seriously can’t stop thinking about it!).

The great music isn’t what smacked me though. It was standing in a room, in the middle of New York City, with thousands of people, singing as one voice, one church, to the one God who saved us. Tomlin made mention to the peace that comes when we gather and sing out our worship to God, when our praise lifts high into the heavens and joins with the angels. I am not very effected by creative imagery but with the truth that stands to back it up, he described what I was feeling when I had, surprisingly enough, no words to do so.

It was an important time for me and the 15+ people who lead worship with me on Sundays to spend worshiping together and not having to “do” anything. We didn’t have to remember which chord to play where, or when the vocals should come in, or worry about why the projector chooses to stop working 2 minutes before service starts. I believe God allowed us to come to Him last night, to be emptied, to know His peace, and to leave that place fully charged as we continue in our calling; leading others in their divine purpose, to worship the almighty, powerful, merciful, gracious God.

You can find Chris Tomlin’s & Kari Jobe’s music on iTunes.

4 responses to “Who’s Ready to Burn Some Lights?”

  1. This is why I wanted everyone to go. I have been to concerts and I have been to worship events. These worship events move me in ways I can’t describe. They drain me, bring me to my knees and then fill me like nothing I can describe other than Gods Holy Spirit. It was more important to me that every one of us experience what you did. My prayer before the show was for all of us to experience the throne room. I think my prayers were answered 23 fold


  2. Awesome post. Between this and the circus experience your own worship will be all the more richer. And those of us you lead will be the beneficiaries of that! Love you and miss you


    1. Fran you are completely right. I’ve already noticed my personal worship changing in a great way. Love and miss you too! Hope you’re having a great time at the conference.


      1. Seriously, this was a night like no other. I have been a Christian pretty much my whole life and have been to many events in my lifetime but this concert last night touched my heart on so many levels. All of which you pretty much covered. The humility which Chris, Kari and Louie ministered to us was evident.
        The entire night, from beginning to end was completely an expression of who God is and how beautiful it is to Know Him, Serve Him, Love Him, and especially Worship Him. Being with so many people in NYC doing the same thing was just moving.
        I was in complete AWE of the Amazing God we have the privilege to serve and worship!! I feel like I saw a little bit of Heaven last night and I can’t wait to get there!!!


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