Worship Team Building: Love & Respect


Have you ever had that moment on Sunday morning when everyone is strolling in on time, except for the drummer? Or what about the times when practice lands on the same night as Back to School night and your bass player, keyboard player, and acoustic guitarist can’t attend? In these moments it’s easy to remember how valuable each team member is, but with the hectic schedule of planning, practicing, and playing, it’s easy to forget.

Worship teams tend to retain their volunteers longer than other ministries. One of the main reasons is because the people in your ministry have already put in time and dedication on their own learning their skill. They are committed and passionate about music and enjoy being able to use their skill or ability in the church. However, worship ministries can be some of the most demanding and disheartening. Each member of your team is sacrificing something in their own life to be there. For some it may be family dinner, an extra shift at work, or even attending church with their spouse.

While God is the one who placed them on your team, as the leader, it is our job to both encourage them and show them appreciation.

My goal is to share with you some practical means by which you can implement with your team some encouragement and appreciation. But first, let’s see how love and respect play into this idea.

In Ephesians 4:1-3 Paul urges us to, “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Leading God’s people in any aspect is a calling and we are to handle his people in love. Encouragement is one way to show love and unity of the Spirit to those you serve with. Week after week, members of your team work 40 hours and run their homes while still making it a priority to serve the Lord. How awesome is that?! Love them and encourage them to continue their service, knowing that it is all done in the Lord’s name.

Respect. Respect them. Respect their families. Respect their time. Respect their dedication to the ministry of God. When most people think about the word respect in correlation with God’s Word they are drawn to the verses in Ephesians 5 that talk of wives respecting their husbands, but in 1 Peter 2:17 we read that we should also respect EVERYONE. “Respect (honor) everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters.” We already discussed how we must love those we serve with, but now we see that in addition to the love we are to give our fellow Christians, we are also expected to respect them as we are to respect everyone. In regards to your worship team, this respect can be shown as appreciation.

How often do you show or speak words of appreciation to your team?

Our next post will have some practical ideas you can use to sprinkle encouragement and appreciation on your team. This week as you speak with your team, as you practice with them, and as you pray for them focus on doing so with love and respect, showing them the encouragement and appreciation they need.

[This personal content was originally published by thechurchcollective.com on 11.03.13. Make sure you stop by and see all the other resources they have.]


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